Hybrid training course:
Coaching competences in daily business life

5 modules (online and 2 practical training days in presence) will support you in getting acquainted with a variety of elements of business coaching and new approaches in your relationship management.

Promotes agility and target orientation in organisations and relationships with customers and partners.

How to use tools and methods of systemic coaching in people management, consulting and sales

Coaching-like leadership, consulting and sales

We all have to face daily challenges in professional life, team work and partnerships. Communication and conflict management skills are needed. Empathy, clarity and structure in our approach as well as a participative leadership style contribute to the development of sustainable relationships.

The trained methods and tools will support you in keeping focus and successfully managing difficult situations.

The 5 compact modules –composed of online parts and 2 practical days in presence – will give you new inputs how to manage your daily business life. The training can also be tailor made to the needs of your company.

Introduction to systemic business coaching

Opportunities and limits of systemic coaching in daily life. Attitude of a coach and its added value in professional relationships.

Phases of a coaching (like) conversation

From topic analysis to solution phase. From problem focus to solution focus. Structures of a coaching process to be practically applied in daily life.

Types and topics of systemic coaching

Coaching for individuals and teams In conflict situations, for personal development, professional coaching etc.

Methods and tools

Theoretical introduction in various coaching tools and practical exercises with case studies from daily business life.

ME as Coach

How to further develop and use my coaching skills. Clarity and differentiation of various roles.

Additional information about Coaching

If you are active as executive, manager, expert in key function, in Human Resources Management, Consulting or Sales – systemic coaching can support you in managing better your daily tasks.

Reframing: elements of systemic coaching can be applied in a variety of areas

The trained methods and tools will help you to master successfully difficult situations. This training will give you a sound insight and impulses how to apply your coaching competences. Practice days will give you the opportunity to apply and further develop your competences. At the end of the training course you will have the opportunity to reflect in individual coaching sessions your practical coaching experiences.

Main areas of application of systemic coaching:

  • Identification of personal goals and wishes
  • Development of strategies in problematic situations
  • Improve conflict management
  • How to deal with daily challenges 
  • Crisis management
  • Etc. 

Mag. Ursula Muckenhuber

I have over 40 years of international experiences in the industrial sector as well as in the banking sector – thereof 20 years in Human Resources Management – in various expert and management functions. As ISO certified Coach, Consultant and Trainer I can combine and bring in all those organizational and individual experiences. My main focus is the identification and development of skills of managers and experts in organizations.

Core competences:

  • Support and development of Managers in all areas of people management
  • Skills and resources development
  • Career management 
  • Individual and organizational change management
  • Individual and team coachings